Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nantucket blue by Leila Howland

   Nantucket blue is an incredible and mind blowing novel about love as friendship and life. It gives truthful insight into the life of a teenage girl. And it shows just how hard it is to be a teen in love. In a forbidden way! Our protaganist, Cricket Thompson, gets the opportunity to go to Nantucket with her best friend Jules, and the Clayton family. Cricket also knows that this summer, she will make the incredibly cute and unatainible Jay Logan, hers. Not all of this actually happens to the lovable Cricket. When the Clayton family has to endure a devastating loss, Jules and Cricket are torn apart. So Cricket must work to stay in the beautiful Nantucket paradise. But it is the little suprises that cricket did not think would happen, that makes her summer an unforgettable one.

   This book is absolutely amazing, from the beautiful cover, to the outstanding messages it has inside. This book made me long for a romance like this. Leila Howard knows what she is doing. This is her first novel though, so it is very impressive. The book is well written, beautifully done, and everyone needs to read this amazing peic eof literature.

   The plot of this book is absolutely superb! There are small twists and suprises that make it that much more lovable. It is an amazing romance novel, along with a sort of coming of age story. You get to follow this girl, as she learns who she is, and what she really wants from life.

   My absolute favorite thing about this book are the characters in it. It is a character driven book most of the time, but it is so well done, that you would not mind that fact at all. It is so easy to fall i n and out of love with every single character.And you really feel and care for every single one of them. This book had me crying even on the 40th page. That is how attached you get to the characters, and how quickly as well.

   In all, this book is amazing, and heart-touching, and beautiful. Leila Howard is an absolute genius, and many, many more people need to read this book. It is an amazing story that warms me up just thinking about it. It is now one of my favorites and will be for a very long time.